Technology and Product Planning

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  • Technology and Product Planning
    • Healthcare technology is reframed in this module as a product. We begin by exploring product possibilities, acknowledging the hierarchy, types, and care categories these products can touch. An overview of roles in creating healthcare products follows. Digital Health start-up leaders also introduce their stories and talk about early product strategy, including an approach to scaling and when to pivot. This week also includes an introduction to human-centered healthcare technology design for products.
  • Design Thinking for Healthcare Software
    • Use this module to design your healthcare technology by following the major steps of the design thinking process with modifications for digital health. Find out about design research techniques that are applicable to healthcare products, add activities to your toolkit for synthesizing research and brainstorming with a product team, explore the patterns and process behind wireframing digital health applications, and prepare to prototype your technology. This week will leave you with a design plan to get your digital health product ideas out of your head and on paper.
  • Digital Health Product Planning
    • This module will take you through the key steps for before, during, and after development of your digital health product with a software team. Start by learning how to identify healthcare stakeholders and map them with a product team. Discover project management methods for agile software development and explore the tools behind them. Walk through a project plan and creating user stories for your software development team, and see what it takes to prepare for deployment of your technology at a customer site.
  • Planning for Integration and Implementation with a Customer
    • Hear from three start-up leaders as they talk through challenges and approaches to implementing their technology with a customer. This module presents the different challenges of working with large and small health system customers, moving from one-to-many customers, evaluating your technology medically, and integrating your technology with existing systems. Find out electronic medical integration, and how to avoid common roadblocks when implementing your technology at a customer site.