Techniques for Teaching Adjectives and Adjective Clauses

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  • Welcome
    • This is the second course in the Teach English: Intermediate Grammar specialization. Here, you will learn to teach adjectives and adjective clauses effectively. These are very important for helping students make their sentences interesting and more complex. In this course, you'll learn what is hard for students to learn and some methods for helping them understand adjectives and adjective clauses.
  • Teaching Adjectives and Adjective Phrases
    • In the first module, you will learn what is difficult for students about learning to use adjectives and adjective phrases correctly in English. You'll learn some great activities for helping them practice, and you'll get a chance to make a lesson for teaching adjectives and a video demonstration of your teacher talk.
  • Teaching Adjective Clauses
    • In the lessons this week, you will learn about teaching adjective clauses. You will hear suggestions for making this material easier for students to understand and ideas for fun practice activities. You'll also get the chance to practice what you've learned and get feedback on your lesson and video demonstration.
  • More about Teaching Adjective Clauses
    • This week, you will learn about other types of adjective clauses and how to teach them. You will again learn new activities for helping your students practice these other types of adjective clauses. Then you will practice what you've learned by creating your own lesson for students and demonstrate your teaching skills by sharing a video of your instructions to students for feedback from your peers.
  • Teaching Reduced Adjective Clauses and Appositives
    • In the final week of the course, you will learn how to teach students about reduced adjective clauses and appositives. You will hear about strategies for introducing these concepts to students and learn some new activities for making your classes interesting. Finally, you will demonstrate your own lesson ideas and teaching skills with the final written and video assignments.