Technical deep dive with Incident Response tools

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  • Network Forensics
    • Witness the incident response process from the perspective of a responder using real tools of the trade to detect, contain, and investigate cyber incidents, and eradicate threats. Follow the instructor as he examines two realistic scenarios: one of a data breach and the other of an incident that is still ongoing.
  • Memory Forensics
  • Incident Response Scenario 1: Data Breach/Hacking Incident
  • Incident Response Scenario 2: Live Ongoing Hacking Incident
  • Incident Response Scenario 3: SolarWinds
    • The recent Solarwinds Supply Chain Attack was a significant and shocking punch to the cybersecurity world. It marked the first time we'd seen in a supply chain attack in public executed at such a large scale. One of the top cybersecurity firms in the world ended up being compromised due to this attack. In this course, we will take a technical deep dive into how to look for some of the IoC's or Indicators of Compromise associated with that hack. This course will require hands-on exercises to complete the associated project. We recommend you complete the rest of the courses in this path before attempting this one as the hands-on builds from the deep dives in the rest of this path.