Teaching Tips for Tricky English Grammar

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  • Welcome
    • This is the third course in the Learn English: Intermediate Grammar specialization. Learning English can be tricky, and in this class you'll focus on some of those tricky issues. You'll get clear explanations about the difficult grammar points and practice in using them correctly.
  • Teaching Nouns, Articles, and Quantifiers
    • This week, you'll learn about teaching tricky nouns, articles, and quantifiers. Students get confused about when to put "a" or "the" in front of a noun and when to put nothing in front of the noun. In this module, you'll learn new ways to help them with this difficult grammar, and you'll have an opportunity to create your own lesson and submit a video demonstrating your teaching skills.
  • Teaching Gerunds, Infinitives, and Requests and Permission
    • This week will learn more about teaching tricky grammar. First, you'll learn about teaching gerunds and infinitives. Then you'll learn about teaching two concepts with modals--making requests and asking for permission--grammar that English learners often make mistakes with.
  • Teaching Confusing Word Forms
    • You've learned about teaching some tricky grammar, but there are other things that make English hard to learn. This week, you'll learn about teaching some word forms that cause confusion. You'll also get another chance to practice what you've learned and demonstrate your teaching skills by sharing a video of your teacher talk.
  • Teaching Phrasal Verbs and Collocations
    • In the final week of the course, you'll learn about teaching phrasal verbs and collocations. This tricky grammar also causes problems for students even at higher levels. You'll get one more chance to create an effective activity for students to practice this grammar and to create a video demonstrating your teacher talk.