Teaching the Holocaust: Innovative Approaches to the Challenges We Face

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The Holocaust was the murder of approximately 6 million Jews perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its collaborators. That this atrocity proved possible raises many complex questions which remain relevant for young people today.

During this course you will enrich your understanding of the history of the Holocaust, hearing from scholars at Yad Vashem, whilst experts from UCL will share their research into teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

By the end of the course you will have also considered innovative pedagogical approaches and resources, becoming empowered to develop your own material.

Adults who are engaged in the following work may find this course especially helpful. A basic introduction to the history of the Holocaust will be covered on the course.

  • Teachers of high school age students;
  • Senior leaders in schools;
  • Teacher training providers;
  • Further Education lecturers;
  • Higher Education lecturers;
  • Youth workers;
  • Heritage sector educators;
  • Informal educators;
  • Home school educators;
  • Interested parents.