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  • Welcome to From ​Data ​to ​Insights ​with ​Google ​Cloud Platform: ​Exploring ​and ​Preparing ​your ​Data
    • Learn the courses, content, and technologies that are part of this data analyst specialization
  • Module 1: Introduction ​to ​Data ​on Google ​Cloud ​Platform
    • Understand the core principles behind Google Cloud Platform and how to leverage them for big data analysis
  • Module 2: ​Big ​Data ​Tools ​Overview
    • Learn what are the key big data tools on Google Cloud Platform that you will be using to analyze, prepare, and visualize data
  • Module 3: ​Exploring ​your ​Data ​with SQL
    • Learn how to query your data with the basics of SQL (Structured Query Language) and practice writing queries in BigQuery
  • Module 4: ​Google ​BigQuery ​Pricing
    • Understand how pricing works in BigQuery and how you can best optimize your queries
  • Module 5: ​Cleaning ​and ​Transforming your ​Data
    • Understand the importance of creating high quality datasets and learn the tools that will help you transform your data