Teaching Mathematics: Demystifying Statistics and Probability

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Explore the probability and statistics secondary school curriculum

In a data-rich world, probability and statistics have become a key cornerstone of the maths curriculum.

On this three-week course, you’ll learn to incorporate new teaching and learning approaches that reflect the importance of statistics and probability in the digital age.

Improve your own mathematical literacy to inform your curriculum design

You’ll consider the real-world applications of probability and statistics, allowing you to contextualise a topic that many students find daunting.

Equipped with a range of practical tools, you’ll gain the skills to deliver relevant, accessible content to students from the beginning of high school up to their final exams.

You’ll develop teaching strategies aimed at both junior and senior level, giving you the confidence to pitch your content at the right levels and differentiate for your learners.

Effectively explain complex concepts using the appropriate technical language

Mathematical language can often be seen as a barrier to understanding by students.

Armed with useful keywords that you can introduce to students early on in their maths journey, you’ll ensure their confidence in the correct usage and application as they progress.

Collaborate with fellow learners and share best practice techniques

You’ll finish this course by devising an explanation for two different concepts that could be used in the classroom.

By sharing your thoughts and offering feedback, you’ll discover new perspectives and best practice techniques from educators around the world.

By the end of this course, you’ll have enhanced your understanding of the statistics and probability curriculum, and have developed new approaches to explaining concepts at a variety of levels.

This course is designed for maths teachers who want to develop strategies for effectively teaching statistics and probability across all years of secondary school.

It’s particularly suited to newly qualified teachers or those considering a career as a maths teacher.

To take part in this course, you will need a word processing program and a calculator.