Teach English Now! Capstone Project 2

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  • Module 1: Planning and Teaching Reading/Writing Lessons
    • Welcome to Module 1 of the Capstone 2 Project for Teach English Now!: Part 2. We know that you have worked hard to get to this point and are anxious to apply all you have learned. In the first module of this course, you will be planning and teaching two technology enriched reading/writing lessons.
  • Module 2: Planning and Teaching Listening/Speaking Lessons
    • In Module 2, you'll be planning and teaching two technology enriched listening/speaking lessons.
  • Module 3: Planning and Teaching Grammar and Pronunciation Lessons
    • In Module 3, you'll be planning and teaching grammar and pronunciation lessons. First, you'll create your lesson plans and then you'll film your micro teaching videos.
  • Module 4: Teacher Toolbox
    • In Lesson 1 of Module 4, participants share a teaching tip with each other in order to build or add to an existing "teacher toolbox." NOTE: All participants should complete Lesson 1. The assignments in Lesson 2 of Module 4 must be completed by those who have not completed Specialization 1.
  • Module 5: End of Course Summary and Information
    • In Module 5, you'll create and submit your digital teaching portfolio for expert review.