Teach English Now! Capstone Project 1

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  • Introduction to Capstone and Philosophy of Teaching
    • Welcome to Module 1 of the Capstone Project for Teach English Now!: Part I. We know that you have worked hard to get to this point in the specialization and are anxious to apply all you have learned. In the first module of this course, you will be designing and writing your own personal Teaching Philosophy. You will be reflecting on everything you've learned thus far to work through a variety of tasks and peer reviews to perfect your Teaching Philosophy. Make sure to refer back to the previous courses as needed. Good Luck!
  • Lesson Planning, Part I
    • In Module 2, you'll be building the first part of a 50-60 minute lesson plan.
  • Lesson Planning, Part II
    • In Module 3, you'll be building the second part of a 50-60 minute lesson plan.
  • One Week Lesson Plan
    • In Module 4, you'll create a one week lesson plan.
  • Teacher Tool Box
    • In Module 5, participants share a teaching tip with each other in order to build a "teacher toolbox."
  • Final Capstone
    • In this Module, participants create a video of themselves teaching part of their lesson.