TCP/IP and Advanced Topics

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  • Internet Protocol
    • This module examines the structure of the network layer: the IP packet, the details of IP addressing, and then focuses on subnetting technique that can efficiently utilize IP address space.
  • IP Addressing
    • This module examines class-less inter-domain routing CIDR technique that can efficiently utilize IP address space, discusses how IP is complemented by DHCP and ARP protocols, and motivations for introducing a new version of IPv6.
  • Transmission Control Protocol
    • This module discusses the structure of the transport layer UDP and TCP. It focuses on TCP, including the TCP three-way handshake, flow control, and congestion control mechanisms.
  • Advanced Topics
    • This module discusses mobile IP, introduces approaches to multicast routing, discusses the relationships between OpenFlow, DSN and NFV, and concludes by introducing some network security threats.
  • course project - TCP/IP and advanced topics
    • This is a comprehensive peer review assessment