Talent Acquisition and Management

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Course Objectives:
• To familiarize the Students with Talent Management
• To help them understand the Acquisition, Retention, Development and Compensation practices
• To enhance understanding of the talent Management practices
• Understanding talent Management Practices in India, USA ,Europe and Asia

Course Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course the student should be able to:
• Understand and explain talent Management practices in India and Global level.
• Understand and explain How to Acquire and retain talent.
• Understand the interplay between various aspects of Talent Acquisition, retention and development of talent.
• Understand and appreciate the role manager to manage talent
• Develop the competence required to work effectively by Star employees
• Appreciate the organizational context and apply relevant contemporary organizational practices to connect the talent
• Differentiate between the various challenges and issues to manage young talented employees.
• Analyze and appreciate the role of HR Manager for managing the star performers context

Methodology/Pedagogy:The course will be primarily based on interactive lectures, discussions and class exercises. Case studies and simulation techniques will also be extensively used in the class to illustrate concepts and practices and to help students develop the necessary skills required for Talent Management.
BBA/ MBA/ Ph D / Executives of Organizations/ QIP candidates/ Faculty / officers of Administration of Government OrganizationsPREREQUISITES : 12th Pass
INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :All Private and Public Organisations(PSUs)/NGO