Take Action: From Protest to Policy

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  • Introduction
    • This section will offer an overview the course and some of the key concepts that we use to talk about policymaking. It will also introduce the Connected Stakeholder Model as a way to understand how advocates can influence policymakers.
  • Use the Courts
    • In this module we'll learn why the courts matter and how to use them, and then we'll look at the specific case of how courts get used to change policy related to the environment.
  • Communicate across Platforms
    • This module talks about the importance of reaching diverse audiences with your message and using different communication platforms to reach different audiences.
  • Connect to Power
    • This module helps teach how to identify important stakeholders, how to frame our issue in ways that they will understand and support, and how to spread our policy issues to diverse audiences.
  • Work Locally
    • Our final module will take what we've learned so far and apply it in our local context. We'll think about "working locally" in two different ways: (1) addressing the local issue that we care about and then scaling our policy solution to the regional, national, and even global levels, and 2) finding a local way to influence the "big" issue that we care about.
  • Putting it All Together: Final Paper on Your Plan for Turning Protest into Policy
    • In this final module, you'll tie everything together, making a plan to turn the issue that YOU care about from protest into policy.