Tackling Public Health Issues: Concepts and Evidence

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Discover how public health promotion can lead to improved population health

Public Health is a complex and dynamic field that focuses on improving population health through addressing the conditions that produce poor health and health inequalities.

This four-week course from the University of Liverpool will introduce key themes in public health, as well as public health promotion models. On completing the course, you’ll have a holistic understanding of the aims and challenges associated with promoting public health.

Explore the impact of economic and social inequalities on population health

The health of a population does not exist in isolation but is informed by social, economic, and political factors. These factors can influence living conditions and access to quality medical care and health education.

You’ll examine the role of social determinants of health and inequalities of living conditions to assess their impact on population health and understand how to address them.

Learn about evidence-based approaches to improve community health and wellbeing

Public Health initiatives affect people across the globe, bringing together research, enquiry, and action to address broad and challenging issues.

On this course, you’ll learn what is considered as evidence in public health and identify the processes involved in evidence-based public health and decision making.

Examine ethical considerations in public health with the University of Liverpool

Professionals working in public health handle sensitive data which is used to make decisions regarding public health initiatives and campaigns.

With the guidance of the experts at the University of Liverpool, you’ll learn about the ethical considerations of data handling and public health policy in order to understand how to operate with care and responsibility when promoting public health.

This course is designed for anyone who may want to pursue a career in public health and would like to develop skills and knowledge through learning.

It will also be suitable for those who wish to understand more about the key topics of public health.