Systems Practice

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Striving to create enduring change in our complex, dynamic world can feel daunting — and sometimes downright impossible. With so many interconnected forces at play, it's easy to get discouraged by detours, false assumptions, roadblocks, and dead ends.

A systems practice is a way to make sense of complex environments and uncover the dynamics that have the greatest potential for impact. This course will lead you through each step of understanding a system, analyzing it to find points of leverage, and learning how to adapt in a changing environment. You will also gain access to a portfolio of step-by-step tools, processes, and mindsets to apply to your current and future work.

This course is ideal for professionals working on complex problems across any field of social impact. A systems practice journey has the potential to transform the way you work, think, and view the world and can get you closer to your goal of creating sustained positive impact.