System Validation (3): Requirements by modal formulas

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  • Basic modal formulas
    • In this module you learn how to specify requirements on behaviour. First Hennessy-Milner logic is explained, which is subsequently extended with fixed-points. Using this logic you will be able to formally characterise virtually any behavioral property on the behavior of software. This varies from simple properties such as a system is free from deadlocks, to complex properties such as "in a warehouse the controllers will instruct all the robots such that my ordered item will appear for certain within finite time at the output".
  • Advanced modal formulas
    • This module elaborates on modal formulas. It shows how to use data in the formulas which makes modelling of complex properties much easier. Furthermore, it shows how fairness properties can be modelled in the framework using nested fixed point operators. The last lectures introduce parameterised boolean equation systems and boolean equation systems as important technology to establish that a modal formula is valid for a particular specified behaviour.