Symmetry, Stereochemistry and Applications

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This course would highlight the concepts and applications of molecular symmetry, isomerism, chirality, applications of stereochemistry in simple organic reactions etc. The students will be introduced to various symmetry elements and symmetry operations observed in various organic molecules, how to identify the symmetry elements and then determine the point groups etc. Then the students would learn the difference between conformation and configuration, various aspects of stereochemistry and will learn to visualize molecules in 3D. Then the course will deal with various organic reactions where stereochemistry plays a major role. This course is suitable for 1st and 2nd year B. Sc students studying Chemistry as one of the subjects in their curriculum.
1st and 2nd year B.Sc. studentsPREREQUISITES : Should have passed 10+2 with science INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :R&D section of Chemical, Pharmaceutical industry