Sustainable Transportation Networks and Streetscapes

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  • Sustainable Transportation Thoroughfares, Networks and Smart Urban Planning, Growth, and Lifestyle
    • The importance of sustainable city thoroughfares designed to interconnect into a hierarchical network is introduced. The largest thoroughfares allow for direct connection to the urban center. Analysis of smart urban planning growth and lifestyles is also discussed.
  • Transportation Thoroughfare Design and Equable, Healthy, and Sustainable Communities
    • Neighborhoods typically have a range of thoroughfare types to facilitate the movement of people through the neighborhood. Sustainable smart growth neighborhoods are designed to equitably allow pedestrians, bicycles, and the automobiles to move within the community. This module will evaluate a variety of techniques and policies that encourage this balanced multimodal use of transportation thoroughfares.
  • Sustainable Streetscapes, Storm Water Management, and Environmental Enhancement.
    • Sustainable public streetscapes are much more than just a part of the infrastructure to facilitate the movement of automobiles. In addition to the vehicular lanes, they must include sidewalks, trees, curbs, lighting, and other elements that collectively constitute a sustainable public streetscape. Public streetscapes require careful design attention to contribute to a successful neighborhood. This requires a full range of regional appropriateness that corresponds to the transect. Private streetscapes are an extension of the public streetscape but relate specifically to the private sector building configuration and frontage design. Successful private sector streetscapes can include properly sized porches students, terraces, balconies, that enhance activity to the street.