Sustainable Transport and Shared Mobility

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Understand the environmental impact of road transport

The transition to low emission road transport is gathering pace as the world battles to control emissions-induced climate change and urban air quality issues.

It is vital that when we make decisions about how to travel from A to B that we consider the most sustainable and appropriate modes of transport, and shared mobility is quickly becoming part of the solution.

This three-week course is designed to give you a solid foundation into sustainable shared mobility transport as you explore the key technologies, trends, and policies that are enabling this transition.

Explore the different shared mobility modes of transport

Shared mobility includes public transit, automobile-based modes such as carsharing, micromobility such as bike-sharing, and commute-based modes such as carpooling.

On the course, you’ll explore different shared mobility modes of transport, as well as an awareness of their applications and limitations.

This understanding will help you examine how shared mobility fits into the current transport model and how policy can affect the uptake of its use. You’ll also learn what the future may hold for each shared mobility technology.

Gain invaluable insights on sustainability from the experts at Cenex

You’ll gain an overview of the trends, policies, and innovations in the industry as well as an introduction to city planning. This knowledge will help you see how you can apply shared mobility in the real world.

Guided by the experts at Cenex (The Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies), you’ll finish the course with an understanding of how shared mobility can reduce transport emissions and is a positive step towards sustainable transport.

This course is designed for anyone interested in sustainability and the ongoing change in the shared mobility sector.

It will particularly benefit you if you have a basic understanding of transport technologies.