Sustainable Tourism – promoting environmental public health

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  • Tourism and the global sustainability agenda
    • This module will present the global trends in tourism and its social and environmental impacts. Policies and strategies aimed at developing a more sustainable form of tourism in low-income countries will be discussed, including the role of sustainability certification systems for hotels and destinations. The importance of tourism to Zanzibar and the environmental health impacts associated with the tourist sector on Zanzibar will be highlighted.
  • Tourism - a major consumer of freshwater and producer of waste water
    • This module will highlight the role of hotels, in low-income countries in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world, as significant consumers of freshwater and producers of wastewater. The module will discuss the impacts this may have on the health of the marine ecosystem and the management of the freshwater resources, especially the problem of saltwater intrusion. Zanzibar will be used as a case. The potential of introducing new policies, technologies and management approaches in support of a more sustainable management of water resources will be discussed.
  • Promoting the environment
    • The general challenges of managing solid waste generation by the tourist sector will be highlighted and examples provided to explain the scope of the problem. The extent and nature of the obstacles associated with poor solid waste management linked to the tourist sector on Zanzibar will be discussed focusing on the environmental health impacts of waste generation. Policies and private sector initiatives taken to improve waste management will be presented. In particular, environmental management interventions aimed at mosquito control at resorts will be highlighted as an example of how to develop a more sustainable tourist sector.