Sustainable Energy Access for Communities

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Explore sustainable solutions to address the challenges of energy access

There are 789 million people around the world who live without access to electricity. In addition, 2.8 billion people globally have no access to clean and safe cooking fuels and technologies.

On this three-week course, you’ll explore the meaning of energy access and how to overcome its challenges to provide safe and clean energy for communities around the world.

Since the launch of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the international community has been working tirelessly to address the energy access challenge. But this cannot be achieved unless we find ways to inspire and support entire communities to transition to renewable energy.

To do this, you’ll identify the right technological solutions and the many sides to renewable energy, including technology, behaviour change, economics, and community dynamics.

Examine the use of renewable energy sources

The course will help you address energy efficiency and how communities can save both money and energy with the right solutions.

Examining different business models, you’ll identify several renewable energy and off-grid community solutions, such as solar PV, wind, hydro, bio-gas, and even bio-electricity.

You’ll also analyse a mini-grid case study and look into household energy consumption to understand where savings can be made.

Understand the importance of community engagement

When addressing energy access, it’s vital to consider the ways this can impact the wider community.

You’ll examine case studies and learn innovative techniques to promote community engagement and help you make a change in your community.

Finally, you will take part in a peer review of your plans to help your community move closer to a renewable energy future.

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in renewable energy transitions. You could be an aspiring community activist or leader, a professional working in renewable energy, or a government professional with a role in renewable energy.