Sustainable Agricultural Land Management

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  • Introduction to Sustainable Agricultural Land Management
    • In week 1, we will introduce you to the instructor and give you and overview of the course and project.
  • Water Quality Issues and Regulations
    • In week 2, we will take a look at the big picture and some interesting examples, discuss the value of agriculture, and cover the im
  • TMDLs & Nutrients
    • In week 3, we will discuss TMDLs and agriculture, agricultural soils, and the first part of nutrient fates.
  • Best Management Practices
    • For week 4, we will dig deeper into nutrient fates and talk about nutrient mass balance.
  • Soil Management
    • For week 5, we will look at soil management in detail and begin to discuss soil testing.
  • Nutrient Management
    • In week 6, we will continue talking about soil testing and then cover proper nutrient management.
  • Water for Agriculture
    • For week 7, we will wrap up nutrient management and then move to water for agriculture. We will dive deeper into the water of Florida and then begin the topic of irrigation management.
  • Agricultural Irrigation Management
    • For our final week, we will finish up irrigation management and conclude with an overall review.