Sustainable Agribusiness Comprehensive Exam

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This course is part of the Sustainable Agribusiness MicroMasters program which consists of 6 courses and a capstone exam. After completing the program, you can also apply to Doane University to complete your MBA online for approximately $10,500 (learn more about the program here).

This comprehensive capstone exam includes the evaluation of the competencies and performance tasks, which define a successful practitioner of sustainable agriculture.

This capstone exam is part of the DoaneX Sustainable Agri-business MicroMasters program that is designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to equip you to play a role inpracticingsustainable agriculture,utilizing a system's perspective to understand sustainability with interdisciplinary efforts. In order to qualify for the MicroMasters Credential, you will need to earn a Verified Certificate in each of the six DoaneX Sustainable Agri-business courses as well as pass this final comprehensive capstone exam.

The capstone exam will test knowledge across all six courses. It will be a webcam proctored timed exam.