Sustainability Through Film

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Use film and filmmaking to provide meaningful lessons in sustainability

Film is an engaging way to reach young people on any topic or subject, bringing important topics to life and adding context to learning.

With that in mind, Into Film presents this two-week course showing you how to teach learners aged 5 to 19 about sustainable practices using short films.

Besides using film for instruction, you’ll be guided on teaching the art of filmmaking itself, developing your skills to help students use their own voices on sustainability or anything else that’s important to them.

You’ll get full access to the films, clips, and student-made shorts used in this course, which all highlight sustainability topics.

Introducing film analysis gives you an effective place to start discussing these topics with your students. You’ll also be given practical exercises on different aspects of sustainability to complete throughout the course.

Discover and teach sustainable filmmaking

It’s important to give young people an active and creative opportunity to consolidate their learning.

On this course, you’ll learn basic filmmaking skills for simple but sustainable film productions. You’ll also hear from professional filmmakers using sustainable approaches on their sets.

Then, you’ll try your hand at simple filmmaking tasks, equipping you to work with your learners to create films for their future projects.

Learn from Into Film’s teaching experts

As the UK’s leading charity for film in education, Into Film is the perfect place for you to learn more about teaching sustainability in and through filmmaking.

This course features contributions from directors of sustainable films as well as international organisation Eco-Schools, making this unique, hands-on experience even more beneficial.

This course is designed for educators who wish to explore sustainability with learners aged from 5 to 19, using film and filmmaking in their teaching.

Filmmakers looking to make their productions more sustainable will also find aspects of the course beneficial.

To take part in this course, it would be beneficial to have a tablet or other recording device.