Sustainability Challenges for the Planet and Employers

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  • Introduction to sustainability challenges
    • Welcome to the next course in your journey toward becoming a sustainability analyst! In this course, you will learn about the challenges that face the planet and employers. These challenges include waste streams, identifying sustainability indicators, and finding green practices to implement in different types of organizations.
  • Planetary challenges
    • What is the scope of sustainability issues? Engage with the materials in this module to find out more about the global nature of sustainability activities and your role in mitigating the large-scale challenges we all face.
  • What are sustainability indicators?
    • As you know, sustainability goals need to be measured in order to be effective and sustainability indicators are one of the main ways that measurement is done. In this module, you'll learn more about what a sustainability indicator is and how it supports progress towards sustainability goals when used appropriately.
  • Common sustainability challenges faced by businesses
    • Businesses face many challenges when they try to implement sustainability initiatives, and you will need to be aware of those challenges to help your organization overcome them.
  • What is waste stream management?
    • Depending on which sector you work in, waste streams may be more or less critical to your role as an analyst. However, it’s valuable to understand how waste stream management works and how to evaluate waste streams for potential improvements.
  • What primary green building practices should all analysts be familiar with?
    • When constructing or remodeling a building, many companies are moving towards green building practices to ensure that they are supporting a sustainable environment for their employees and the community.