Supporting You with Your University Interview

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Learn how to map out and prepare for the entire interview process

On this three-week course from the University of York, you’ll gain insights, tips, and techniques to help you prepare for and complete your university interview. You’ll also look at what is likely to happen after the interview and how to deal with feedback.

Explore the different types and formats of university interviews

University interview formats will differ depending on which institution you are interviewing at and the course you are interviewing for.

You’ll delve into the different formats that university interviews can take and how best to prepare for each. You’ll also look at other aspects of pre-interview preparation, from understanding your invitation to preparing a piece of work ahead of time.

Discover tips for your interview day and how to structure answers

This course will guide you through the entire process of university interviews, including what questions you might be asked and what Admissions Tutors are looking for. You’ll also gain tips for the day itself such as how to practice, doing your research, and engage with a bank of examples.

You’ll also look at ways to efficiently structure your answers and what questions you should ask your interviewer, both to gain vital information and to show engagement and enthusiasm for the subject.

Develop interview techniques and strategies with the experts from the University of York

At the University of York, there are several courses that use interviews as part of their application process. Throughout this course, you’ll hear from a range of colleagues from across the university to give you a real insight into the process.

You’ll also hear real-life experiences from students who have been through a university interview themselves, helping you map out how to take on a university interview to the best of your ability.

This course is designed for first and second year college students, Year 12 and 13 students, and mature students returning to learning.

If you are looking at or have applied to a university course that uses an interview as part of the application process, this course will help you with the preparation and process of the university interview.