Supply Chain Analytics

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  • Welcome!
    • Welcome to Supply Chain Analytics! In this week, I shall first tell you the story of VASTA and the challenge it faces, then provide an overview of the course, learning outcomes and weekly topics. You will then learn competitive analysis and benchmarking to assess a firm’s competitive environment and identify the business opportunity.
  • General Principles and Intuition
    • In Week 2, you will understand the general principles of supply chain planning, and develop intuitions on the benefits and concerns of the push / pull strategies. The intuitions and insights will guide you in the quantitative supply chain analysis in Week 3.
  • Data Collection, Cost Estimation and Supply Chain Analytics
    • In Week 3, you will learn what data to collect, how to estimate various types of costs, and how to use data analysis to assess the impact of various strategies on different aspects of a supply chain.
  • Customer Experience, Implementation and Project
    • In Week 4, you will learn how to assess the impact of the strategies on customer experience. You will get hands-on experience on the implementation and financial impact of supply chain analytics in a real-life example. You will complete this course by conducting a project to analyze the geographic difference for the strategies.