Supply Chain Analytics Essentials

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  • Welcome!
    • Welcome to supply chain analytics (SCA) – an emerging and exciting area in high demand! In this week, I will give you an introduction to SCA, share my journey, and preview the talent crisis.
  • Supply Chain Analytics Impact
    • By real-life examples, you will learn how supply chain management (SCM), aided by analytics, may create a long-term competitive advantage. You will see why analytics is critical to SCM. Finally, you will identify the main domains of a supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Pain Points and How Analytics May Relieve Them
    • Through real-life examples, you will learn how analytics can be applied to various domains of a supply chain to generate economic value.
  • Job Opportunities and Job Intelligence
    • In this final week, you will learn specifics of supply chain analytics job opportunities. You will learn to use job intelligence to make career choices based on data.