Structure, Form, and Architecture : The Synergy

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Structure is an integral part of designing Architecture since the primitive age. Starting from the Stonehenge to the creation of the world’s tallest tower in recent times, structure and its designed form presented an excellent Architecture to experience, appreciate and also to fulfill the functions for which they are created. Therefore, the present course has an extreme importance to create interest among the students, architects and engineers as well to learn the relationship between Structure, Form, and Architecture to make a synergy between them and make the space creation structurally strong, stable, functionally optimized and aesthetically pleasant Architecture. The course will highlight the relationship between structure, form and architecture, basic of structural forms, their properties, material used, pros and cons to make upon a decision to select the appropriate form for the architectural design consideration. The course also includes suitable case studies from various parts of the world along with a few demonstrations with study model experiments which may help participants/students to clear their doubts and help them in designing the assignments with a better grip. INTENDED AUDIENCE : This course would be useful for the students pursuing B.Arch, M.Arch and B.Tech/BE Civil EngineeringPREREQUISITES : NILINDUSTRY SUPPORT : NIL