Structural System in Architecture

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The structural engineering is an essential component of Architecture. The creativity and imagination of an architect come to reality by adopting a suitable structural system.Architects should understand the basic principles and concepts of structure in order to apply the structural system suitably. It is also needed for an Architect to communicate effectively with consultants and contractors about the conceived structural system. The course is designed to explain structural concepts clearly, using analogies and examples. The mathematical part of the course is formulated to establish a logical understanding of structural behaviour, bypassing the complexity of calculations. This course is designed in eight weeks and the whole course is divided into two components. Initially, in the first four weeks, the fundamental aspects of structural theories will be discussed. It will include the following four subtopics: statics and structural systems, the strength of material, structural mechanics and structural analysis. In the second part of the course (remaining four weeks), various types of structural systems like a truss, space frame, plates, shell, tensile structure etc will be discussed. The conceptual development of the structural system will be explained with examples, case studies and possible architectural applications. The special structural system adopted for high-rise buildings will be also present with the examples from contemporary architecture. The last module will include the Bureau of Indian Stranded provisions for structural detailing for project submissions. The key features of the course:
  • The course is specially designed for the students of architecture for developing their basic structural concept without difficulty.
  • The lectures will explain structural concepts clearly, using real-life examples and illustrations. The course demonstration will express the mathematical aspects of the
subject in a straightforward, easier and logical way. ·
  • The structural theories will be discussed in conceptual way with minimum mathematical computation.
  • The prime focus will be to understand the structural system, its advantages and application in architectural design.




Week 1: Statics and Structural Systems: Force system, Structure and its classification, Supports, Reaction, Structural framing and loading.Week 2: Strength of Materials : Theory of Elasticity, Material properties, Shear and Bending moments,Week 3: Structural Mechanics: Stress due to bending and shear,Theory of ColumnWeek 4: Frame Structure Analysis and Design: Deflection of beams, Analysis of indeterminate structures, The application different types of structural frame in Architecture.Week 5: Truss and Space Frame: Concept and application of Truss and Space Frame, Advantages.Week 6: Arch, Shell and Dome: Structural concept, Types, Application and advantages, Case study.Week 7: Tensile and Plate Structures: Structural concept, Types,Materials for tensile structures, Application and advantages,Case study.Week 8: Special Structures: Pneumatic, Tensegrity and Temporary structures and structures for cost effective technology High rise Structural system, Foundation system, IS Code provisions.