Structural Reliability

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Part A: Basics
Week 1:Pre-requisites. Introduction and overview.
Review of basic probability. Random variables, probability laws, common probability distributions – origins and interrelations.
Simple one variable example problems.
Week 2: Random variables
Functions of random variables.
Joint probability distributions, conditional distributions. Joint Normal distribution. Concepts of point process. Simple one- and multi- variable example problems
Week 3: Monte Carlo simulations
Introduction to Monte Carlo simulations. Generation of samples from various discrete and continuous distributions, generation of dependent samples
Variance reduction techniques. Examples: simple coding problems

Part B: Fundamentals of Reliability
Week 4: Basic definitions
Reliability – historical development, applications, different measures of reliability. Component vs. system reliability.
Probabilistic formulation of civil engineering problems. Concepts of performance requirements and definitions of failure.
Week 5: Systems reliability
General formulation of system reliability problems - representation of failure, series and parallel systems, redundancy, fault trees, cut sets.
How structural systems are different.
Week 6: Time to failure
Time to failure based formulation of reliability problems – components and systems. Reliability and hazard functions. Poisson processes.

Part C: Reliability of Structures
Week 7: Capacity-demand-time
Capacity-demand-time (“physics based”) formulation for structural components: limit states. Closed form solutions of simple limit state probabilities. Concept of first passage problem.
Week 8: Approximate solutions
Approximate solutions to component reliability problems: FORM, SORM, MCS Examples: Solution of benchmark problems
Week 9: Structural systems reliability
Formulation of and approximate solutions to structural system reliability problems.
System reliability bounds
Week 10:Maintenance
Reliability-based maintenance. Perfect and imperfect repair – effect on reliability and hazard functions.

Part D: Reliability based Design
Week 11: Design codes
Probability-based design and design codes – partial factors of safety. Examples.
Week 12: Reliability & society
Determination of target reliabilities. Concepts of robustness and resilience.