Structural Analysis of Nanomaterials

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Week 1 :Introduction: Fundamental concepts of atomic structure and interatomic bonding, Structure of materials, Defects in structure of materials, Phase diagram: Determination of phases, Transformation of phases.
Week 2 : Basic properties: Metals, Basic properties: Ceramics , Basic properties: Polymers, Selection of nanomaterials, Structure property relationship of advanced nanomaterials.
Week 3 :Introduction to X-Ray Spectroscopy, Diffraction direction and methods of XRD, Determination of crystal structures by XRD Pattern, Precise parameter measurements, Orientation of single crystals.
Week 4 :Qualitative analysis by diffraction, Quantitative analysis by diffraction, Microscopic structural analysis of nanomaterials-I, Microscopic structural analysis of nanomaterials-II, Other characterization used.