Structural analysis-I

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This is an elementary course on Structural Analysis. Various methods and their underlying mechanics in determining response of structures when subjected to external agitation will be discussed in this course. This course is comprehensive at the basic level. Journey through this course will help students to build the foundation for more advanced courses related to structural engineering.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Civil Engineering ArchitecturePRE-REQUISITES : Solid MechanicsINDUSTRY SUPPORT : All civil engineering companies



Week 1:Equilibrium, Stability and Determinacy of structures, Review of shear force and bending moment diagram in beams and framesWeek 2:Analysis of statically determinate structures 1, Plane truss: method of joints and method of sectionsWeek 3:Analysis of statically determinate structures 2, Deflection of truss: Method of virtual workWeek 4:Analysis of statically determinate structures 3, Deflection of beams and frames 1: Moment area method, conjugate beam method and virtual work methodWeek 5:Analysis of statically determinate structures 4, Deflection of beams and frames 2: Moment area method, conjugate beam method and virtual work methodWeek 6:Analysis of statically determinate structures 5, Influence line diagram and moving loadsWeek 7:Analysis of statically indeterminate structures 1, Introduction to force and stiffness methodWeek 8:Analysis of statically indeterminate structures 2, Plane truss using method of consistent deformationsWeek 9:Analysis of statically indeterminate structures 3, Beams and Frames: Method of consistent deformationsWeek 10:Analysis of statically indeterminate structures 4, Beams and Frames: Moment distribution methodWeek 11:Analysis of statically indeterminate structures 5, Beams and Frames: Slope deflection methodWeek 12:Introduction to direct stiffness method