Strengthening Your Widening Network

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  • About the Specialisation and the Course
    • In this Module, you will find out more about the four courses that are offered in this Specialisation.
  • Faces Places Phases
    • We will look at getting to know our colleagues, the physical work place, as well as the different levels of people on the organisational chart.
  • Effective Communication through the Email
    • We will look at how to connect with people appropriately and on the right note, as well as using the right mode, bearing in mind the 7Cs of effective communication as well as some theoretical constructs of intercultural communication. We will also look at effective email writing.
  • Meetings in a Globalised Workplace
    • We will look at appropriate meeting behaviours and skills, how to participate at meetings effectively so as to be a contributing member of your organisation. We shall also be looking briefly at how you can build trust and credibility, two very important elements in interpersonal relationships.