Strategies for Sustainable Design

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The course discusses sustainability principles and concepts from across various domains. Elaborates on sustainability definitions, aspects, dynamic nature of it, and its application in everyday life. Further, it discusses global efforts from UNFCCC, IPCC, and other agencies for developing context-based solutions and climate change mitigation efforts. Involves field visits, real-life case examples, and assignments. Includes study on building technologies to improve efficiency and response to surroundings. Focusses on basic scientific principles underlying the environmental performance of the built environment and designing for efficacy on EIA/LCA. It elaborates about NBC of India, CNBC, and SA Methods also such as GRIHA, LeNS tools, etc. Overall, it touches on UN SDG and systemic analysis for an easy understanding of assessment for students. The course provides a state of the art study material using the latest research papers, journals, books, and reports, etc.
Architecture, Product Design, Interiors, Construction, and Manufacturing. PREREQUISITES : NoneINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Construction and Manufacturing.