Strategic Actions, Strategic Goals: How to Master Corporate Strategy

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Explore stakeholder analysis in a strategic and decision-making context

How can you make your business plan a reality? In this short course, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of how to strategise for the future.

Master your understanding of corporate strategy

Every business needs an action plan to bring it to life. This course will give you the chance to review everything you need to know to build a robust strategy – from traditional and emerging motivations for organisations to pursue international expansions, the identity benefits of an international strategy plan and exploring global markets and diversification.

Learn the fundamentals of international strategy

As you begin this course, you’ll learn the tools to allow you to identify opportunities in foreign markets. You’ll explore how to identify international opportunity and common strategies – from exports and licensing to joint ventures and direct investment.

Uncover foreign market entry strategies

You’ll be introduced to the basics of foreign market entry strategies. What can international markets offer a specific business? Is the business ready to go global – and what foreign markets should be considered for expansion first?

This ExpertTrack is designed for intermediate-level business managers and students to gain more knowledge about strategy and globalisation. This course will equip you with the concepts, framework and techniques needed for better environmental scanning.