Stocks and Bonds

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  • week 1: Bond Valuation
    • This course is focused on understanding the two most commonly used vehicles/instruments by corporations for raising money. This week we will introduce you to the basic language and mechanics of bond pricing. Though introductory, we attempt to cover a fair amount of content and with real world applications.
  • Week 2: Bond Prices & Market Data
    • After understanding both the terminology of bonds and their pricing, we will spend this week both looking at real data to see the close connection between the concepts and reality and submitting the first graded assignment. One of the major takeaways of this week's efforts will be the similarity between how borrowing works for individuals and corporations.
  • week 3: Stock Valuation
    • During this week, we will provide you an exposure to the characteristics and the valuation of stocks, again with an eye toward real world applications. You will see how understanding stocks is key to learning how companies work and how pricing them is more art than detailed calculations.
  • Week 4: Stock Prices & Market Data
    • We will wrap up this course by understanding the relationship between basics of stock pricing and real stock markets. The idea here is to make you realize how foundational principles of finance are so applicable to the real world and even a basic knowledge of key principles help you understand how the world works. You will also test your knowledge by submitting the second assignment for the course.