Steel Quality: Role of Secondary Refining & Continuous Casting

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Week 1:Concept of steel quality , Typical examples of common defects
Week 2:Present scenario of quality demands , Application-specific requirements of residuals and NMIs
Week 3:Limitation of primary steelmaking , Importance of different secondary refining processes
Week 4:Requirement of Calcium injection , Cleanliness measures in tundish and mould
Week 5:Nature and distribution of exogenous entrapments in casting, their sources
Week 6:Role of caster & casting process on quality , Cast structure and dendrite size
Week 7:Role of mould oscillation , Effect of steel chemistry and segregation
Week 8:Deleterious effect of P and S , Role of strength & toughness of solid shell
Week 9:Factors responsible for bulging vis-a-vis depression behaviour , Brittle temperature regions for different steel grades
Week 10:Influence of secondary cooling on cast quality , Typical cracks and other defects
Week 11:Remedial measures to control quality issues , Grade-specific casting parameters
Week 12:Identification of genesis of quality problems through metallurgical investigation