Statistics for Marketing

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  • Descriptive Statistics
    • This week you’ll get an overview of the Statistics for Marketing course and you will learn the basics of Descriptive Statistics and when to use them. You will also be introduced to Bayesian statistics. You will also get an overview of your capstone project and at the end of the week you will complete part one.
  • Making Predictions with Inferential Statistics
    • This week you will be introduced to inferential statistics and how to define samples and populations for marketing. You’ll also be introduced to the concept of variables. At the end of the week you will complete part two of your capstone project.
  • Designing Experiments and Testing Hypotheses
    • In week three, you’ll dig into how to formulate and test appropriate hypotheses for your business goals. You’ll wrap up the week with part three of your capstone project.
  • Data Modeling
    • This week you’ll be introduced to various model families and how to create them using Tableau. You’ll also learn how to interpret the results of these models. You’ll complete the fourth and final part of your capstone project, which you will be submitting as a peer review next week.
  • Using Statistics in Real-World Settings
    • This week you will combine and apply all the information you have learned throughout the course and submit your capstone project for peer review. You’ll finish out the course by hearing from a marketing analyst about how they apply the principles you learned in this course in the real-world.