Stand Out on YouTube: Build a Successful Channel with Jazza

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Turn your passion into a career, no matter what drives you! Join YouTube star Jazza to peel back the curtain and discover what it takes to succeed online. 

From art and gaming to travel and fashion, YouTube can be a fulfilling outlet for sharing your passion with others — and a potential way to create a sustainable career along the way. With a successful channel, it’s possible to work from home, travel the world, and partner with respected brands to build a life you love. 

Jazza holds nothing back in this all-access class, sharing how he built a sustainable channel as a cornerstone to a digital creative career. Since 2013, he’s built a channel that has grown into a community of over 5 million subscribers, all focused on his love for drawing and illustration. From day one, Jazza was strategic about his channel, pouring time, energy, and heart into creating content that stands out from the crowd online.

Through no-holds-barred lessons, he’s sharing everything he’s learned along the way. You’ll discover how to:

  • Set up your channel for success
  • Choose the right thumbnails and titles 
  • Create innovative, creative content
  • Use AdSense effectively

Plus, Jazza dives deep into the world of money on YouTube, explaining how to find further opportunities with partnerships, products, and beyond.

It takes passion, planning, and patience (plus some luck!), but the tips and techniques in this class are here to make the path a little smoother. Whether you have yet to pick up a video camera or already have a channel up and running, this class is packed with tips and techniques that will give you the power to craft a channel that will go the distance.