Sports Marketing

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  • What is sports marketing?
    • Welcome to the first module of Sports Marketing. This course showcases sports-specific marketing strategies and trends. In subsequent modules, we will discuss how sports marketing is both similar and different from other kinds of marketing, but to start our course, we’ll provide a broad overview of the differing aspects of sports marketing and will also break down the components of sports marketing as a concept.
  • Sports Marketing: differences and similarities with other marketing
    • In Module 2, we will examine the difference between service and product marketing and why sports marketing has some overlap with both of these areas. We will also explore the world of event marketing.
  • Value: Sponsorship, Partnerships & Dynamic ticket pricing
    • This module will explore how to gain value in brand and sponsorship partnerships. Licensing and dynamic ticket pricing, and the potential value of both will also be touched on.
  • Sports communication: press releases, media relations, public relations
    • This module will cover the primary areas of communication in sports marketing. Sports-specific trends in public relations will be highlighted, along with specific examples. This module will also include a thorough overview of how to draft an effective press release.
  • Sports communication: social media, crisis communication, celebrity handling
    • This module will continue the focus on sports communication, with a deep dive into sports-related pubic relations and crisis communication. Issues and strategies surrounding social media and celebrity handling will also come into focus.
  • Fandom and loyalty
    • Where would professional sports be without fandom and loyalty? We close this course we an exploration of the these concepts that make up the bedrock of professional sports and sports marketing. We will also touch on the topic of sports agents and take a look to the future with a video highlighting global sports diplomacy.