Sports Administration and Management

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Week 1: Administration and Management, Elements and Phases of Management, Management in Physical Education and Sports, Schemes of OrganizationWeek 2: Organizational Structure in Schools, Colleges and Universities, Organizational Structure in District and State Education, Outdoor Facilities, Ground Maintenance of outdoor facilities, Gymnasium and Swimming PoolWeek 3: The Need for Equipments and their Types, Store Room Management, Stocking of EquipmentsWeek 4: Head of the Institute/Department and his/ her Role, Office Management in physical Education, Qualifications and qualities of a good Physical Education teacher, Teacher’s Preparation before Class, Students Preparation-Handling and Controlling the Class and Attendance System.Week 5: Meaning and Values of Intramural Program, Meaning and Educational Outcomes of Extramural programmes, Units, Events and Points System for Competition, Sample Rules for Intramurals and Rewards and Incentives for WinnersWeek 6: Tournament and Team Management, Tournament Management, Opening and Closing Ceremonies; Various Committees and their Responsibilities, Budget, maintenance of records and account keeping in Physical EducationWeek 7: Student Leadership: Meaning, Elements, and Values/Significance, Selection, Training and Recognition of Student Leaders, Principles and Needs for a Public Relation Program in Physical EducationWeek 8: Public Relations in Physical Education, Techniques of Public Relation, Relation of the physical Education Teacher with the Students, Parents, Colleagues, Principal and Supervisor`