Spanish Vocabulary: Sports, Travel, and the Home

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  • Module 1: Talking About Sports and Pastimes
    • We will kick off this first module with a discussion of sports and favorite pastimes. You will build your Spanish vocabulary in these areas as well as practice talking about ongoing events. We will discuss how to use helping verbs with the present participle, and you will expand your understanding and use of the verb hacer to form new combinations and create new adverbs. We’ll also interact with a soccer (fútbol) player in the perspectivas portion of the module.
  • Module 2: Talking About Travel
    • In this module we will add vocabulary that will help you talk about trips and travel. You will also begin to work with the past tense, and describe things that happened in the past. We will also explore the adverbs frequently associated with the past, and you’ll expand your command of the verb hacer to signal “ago”. Finally, in the perspectivas portion of the module, you’ll meet Fer and hear about her adventures in Southeast Asia.
  • Module 3: Talking About Your Living Arrangements
    • In this last module we will discuss living arrangements such as life on the farm or in the city, or living with family or on your own. You will practice narrating stories that happened in the past and compare the imperfect tense to the preterite. We will introduce some irregular preterite verbs and in the perspectivas section, you will listen carefully to Rebeca who will talk about several of the living arrangements she has experienced.