Space Flight Mechanics

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This course is designed to introduce orbital mechanics of satellite. Thecourse will begin with central force motion and then proceed to the two-body and three-body dynamics under mutual gravitational acceleration. Itwill also introduce the concept of Lagrange Points and their stability.Moreover, the concept of general orbit perturbation will also bediscussed. Earth as a non-spherical body and its effect on gravity will beelaborated. Preliminary orbit determination of the satellite will bediscussed. Finally, orbit transfer will be elaborated.
Aerospace, Mechanical, Physics, MathematicsPREREQUISITES :Calculus of Multi-variables, Physics, Applied MechanicsINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :ISRO, DRDO, BOEING, and various private industries working on satellite



Week 1: Conic Section & Central Force motionWeek 2: Two Body problem (equation of relative motion, integrals of the two body problem)Week 3: The Classical Orbital Elements (determination from burnout data and inverse problem of orbit determination)Week 4: Kepler’s Equation and Kepler’s Problem (orbit propagation)Week 5: Three Body/Restricted Three Body Problem (equation of motion)Week 6: Restricted Three Body Problem (Lagrange points and their stability)Week 7: General Perturbation Theory (variation of parameters)Week 8: General Perturbation Theory (variation of parameters)Week 9: Preliminary Orbit Determination (reference frames and methods of orbit determination)Week 10:Orbit Transfer (Hohmann and Bielliptic)Week 11:Orbit Transfer (patched conic section method, interplanetary transfer, flyby)Week 12:Non-Coplanar Orbit Transfer (Interception and Rendezvous)