Sourcing Analytics

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  • Welcome!
    • Welcome to sourcing analytics! Through the story of Apple's iPhone, you will learn some sourcing pain points, sourcing metrics and analytics framework, and the best practice of a sophisticated buyer.
  • Sourcing Criteria and Market Intelligence
    • In the second week, you will learn how to set the supplier selection criteria (to match the company’s needs). To identify potential suppliers, you will learn market intelligence to assess the trend, stability and competition intensity of the global markets.
  • Bargain Power and Supplier Analysis
    • In the third week, you will learn bargain power analysis to assess your and your suppliers’ leverages and bargain power. You will also learn supplier analysis to analyze individual suppliers’ capability, pricing, financial robustness and efficiency.
  • Supplier Score Sheets and Mini-project
    • This is the last week of Sourcing Analytics, you will wrap up all the analysis learned so far into supplier score sheets so as to select the best suppliers. You will perform a mini-project on sourcing intelligence.