Solving Sustainability Challenges with Te Ao Māori (Māori World View)

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Understand the value of Te Ao Māori

Learning from other cultures gives you the opportunity to question your own assumptions about how the world works. It’s also a chance to draw on knowledge and values that have been validated by generations of practice.

On this four-week course, you’ll explore the Te Ao Māori (Māori world view) to understand how to approach sustainability issues through a different lens.

This course will help you discover how indigenous knowledge and values can help us go beyond reacting to environmental challenges and instead, adopt a mindset for resilience.

Explore the water cycle from a bicultural perspective

As you examine the complex issues of sustainability, you’ll delve into the challenges laid down in United Nations SDG #6 “How to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.

To explore this further, you’ll be introduced to Mautauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) as a concept and a method for understanding sustainability from both a scientific and bicultural perspective.

You’ll also learn how to apply design thinking to a sustainability challenge using Māori knowledge.

Discover the importance of Matauranga Māori

Indigenous views in particular explore the symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth – recognising that safeguarding the health of nature is one of the most important ways to protect human health.

With your insight into Matauranga Māori, you’ll uncover how in the realm of climate action and sustainability, indigenous views of the world are of high value.

Learning from the experts at Wintec, you’ll finish the course with a firm understanding of how a bicultural view of sustainability can help us tackle the pressing climate issues we face today.

This course is designed for anyone interested in and motivated to solve global sustainability challenges.

You could be an environmental engineer, a sustainability professional, or you’re simply interested in tackling sustainability in cooperation with indigenous cultures.