Solving Inequality in Education with Samsung

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Identify how technology can be used to tackle inequality in education

On this course, you’ll explore how technology is defining and redefining the way we learn, and uncover the opportunities technology presents for tackling inequality in education.

What will the future of education look like?

Alongside inspiring mentors who are passionate about changing the future of education – including rapper Lady Leshurr and futurist Jesse Hirsh – you’ll reflect on your own learning journey and start to look at how important digital learning networks will be for future generations.

You’ll get to grips with the human experience of learning and also decipher how technology has shifted learning into an increasingly social and interactive experience.

After looking into the concept of radical reimagination, you’ll discover different practices transforming the way we learn.

Learn about the inequality gap

Alongside mentor and educator Noble Kelly, you’ll find out about the inequality gap.

You’ll discover the role of schools in today’s society, and consider what the future of education may look like from a technological point of view.

Explore privilege in education with course ambassador Lady Leshurr

As you reach the end of the course, you’ll hear insights on education and privilege in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement from keynote speaker, rapper and singer Lady Leshurr.

The final step of the course will invite you to develop a business proposal, service, or product which answers the question: How can technology help address inequality in education?

This course is primarily designed for young future leaders (aged 18 to 25) passionate about education and learning how technology can help tackle inequalities.