Solving Complex Problems Capstone

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  • Revising the problem definition
    • Welcome to the Capstone! This module contains all sorts of information on how to finish the final assignment. At the end of the module, you will review the problem definition you wrote at the end of Course 1.
  • Incorporating multi-disciplinary perspectives
    • Here you will review the summary of sources your produced at the end of Course 2, as well as the reflective exercise you completed at the end of Course 3.
  • Projecting a status quo scenario
    • Here you will review the ‘status quo scenario’ from Course 3. Reflect on this prediction in light of the work you have done since you first formulated it.
  • Developing innovative solutions
    • Here you will review your preferred innovation from Course 3 to address the problem you have articulated.
  • Drafting a Complete Briefing Paper
    • Here you will now complete the final two sections of your Briefing Paper, and ensure that the paper proceeds smoothly and logically, with adequate signposts for the reader.
  • Revision, submission, and reflection
    • Nearly there!