Solid and hazardous Waste Management

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Week 0101. Waste- Types and classification 02. Waste sources and generation rates 03. Traditional methods of waste collection and disposal
Week 0204. Factors influencing waste generation and health hazards05. Waste composition06. Waste collection - I
Week 0307. Waste collection - II08. Characterization of wastes
Week 0409. Waste processing : Size and volume reduction 10. Waste minimization, waste hierarchy and waste audit
Week 0511. Recycling of solid wastes 12. Hazardous waste- Definition, sources, classification, collection and segregation 13. Hazardous waste characterization, treatment and disposal
Week 0614. Radioactive waste-I 15. Radioactive waste-II
Week 0716. e waste17. Plastic waste
Week 0818. Biomedical waste- I 19. Biomedical waste-II 20. Biomedical waste management rules, 2016
Week 0921. Composting22. Vermicomposting 23. Biogas production from solid waste
Week 1024. Thermal treatment of solid waste – Incineration25. Thermal treatment of solid waste – Pyrolysis and gasification
Week 1126. Solid waste disposal – Sanitary landfilling- I 27. Solid waste disposal – Sanitary landfilling- II
Week 1228. Landfill leachate and gas management 29. Landfill bioreactors 30. Fly ash- Generation and management 31. Fly ash management32. Noti/Solid waste management rules, 2016 33. Hazardous and other waste (management and transboundary movement) amendment rules, 2016 34. Plastic waste management rules, 2016
Week 1435. e waste management rules, 2016 36. Basel Convention on the control of transboundary movement of hazardous waste and their disposal 37. Mechanical biological treatment of solid wastes
Week 1538. Solid waste management in rural areas 39. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan 40. Recent advances in solid waste management