Solar Energy Engineering and Technology

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Week 1:Energy Scenario, overview of solar energy conversion devices and applications, physics of propagation of solar radiation from the sun to earthWeek 2:Sun-Earth Geometry, Extra-Terrestrial and Terrestrial Radiation, Solar energy measuring instrumentsWeek 3:Estimation of solar radiation under different climatic conditions, Estimation of total radiationWeek 4:Fundamentals of solar PV cells, principles and performance analysis, modules, arrays, theoretical maximum power generation from PV cells.
Week 5:PV standalone system components, Standalone PV-system design.Week 6:Components of grid-connected PV system, solar power plant design and performance analysis.Week 7:Fundamentals of solar collectors, Snails law, Bougers law, Physical significance of Transmissivity – absorptivity product.Week 8:Performance anlaysis of Liquid flat plate collectors and testing
Week 9:Performance anlaysis of Solar Air heaters and testingWeek 10:Solar thermal power generation (Solar concentrators).Week 11:Thermal Energy Storage (sensible, latent and thermochemical) and solar pondWeek 12:Applications: Solar Refrigeration, Passive architecture,solar distillation, and ermeging technologies.