Soil Structure Interaction

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The course will focus on the different soil-structure interaction models for shallow foundation under various loading conditions and subgrade characteristics. Piles under uplift and lateral loading conditions will also be discussed. In the undergraduate core course on Foundation Engineering, these topics are either not covered or discussed in simplified form. Beams and plates on elastic foundation problems & different foundation models and their solution with the help of Finite Difference Method (FDM) will be discussed. The application of foundation models in real life problems will also be discussed. This course is useful for both UG and PG student. The course is also suitable for students who are preparing for competitive examination. Field Engineers can be benefited from this course as the design of foundations under critical conditions considering soi-structure interaction (those are not generally covered in UG core foundation engineering course) will be discussed here.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Civil engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geoenvironmental Engineering
PREREQUISITES : Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Most of the Civil Engineering companies